Artdent Dental Clinic, Athens

Welcome to Artdent Dental Clinic

Artdent dental office is located close to the commercial center of Kifissia, near Zirinio. In collaboration with Ourania Giavi,a close friend of Artdent and internal decorator from do designers office, the space was created with a modern and clean aesthetic. The ambiance in the clinic offers a pleasant and comfortable feeling to the patient.

The dental clinic is equipped with up to date dental equipment, which provides the patient with safety and a high quality service. The philosophy of Artdent is that all treatments and decisions on each patient’s dental procedure, are guided by Evidence Based Dentistry (EBD). This means that any approach to dental oral hygiene as well as treatments, follows the approved practices of the latest scientific studies.

Artdent provides its patients with a full range of dental services with special emphasis on Cosmetic Dentistry (White Fillings, Porcelain Veneers, Inlays-Onlays, Bleaching and Overall Smile Design) along with Prosthodontics on teeth and implants (Fixed Prosthodontics – Single Crowns – Fixed Partial Dentures and Removable Dentures).